Ads & Idents

Egg1Brian’s commercial work has included the Spitting Image Cows I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter campaign.  American Airlines and DEFRA’s Don’t Bring Me Back!  He was also principal performer on all of the EGG Money Guinea Pig commercials.

BBC2aBrian has also provided station idents for BBC2’s Pedigree Comedy season which featured a fluffy dog-like 2 getting into all kinds of mischief with such stars as Steven Fry, Catherine Tate, Rob Brydon and John Culshaw.  A mixture of rod and hand puppetry, the idents were conceived by Red Bee Media.  Two was built by Neil Scanland Studios.

CIMG1298In 2009 Virgin Media Television announced a re-brand on their channel Virgin 1.  Brian won the role of Red, a cheeky little character with a love of TV.  Once again conceived by Red Bee Media, Red was designed by Scott Brooker and built by Paul Jomain.

argos_walrus_0In 2010 Brian gave bulk to Simon the Walrus for the AROGS campagne.  He also puppeteered the two talking penguins.  All of the animatronic animals were created by Cliff Wallace and his team at Creature FX.

Many of the clips mentioned here can be seen on Brian’s YouTube channel HERE.

In 2012 Brian performed and was the puppet coordinator for the Barclaycard ‘Toys’ commercial.

photo (6) This ad featured as many as 25 performers animating a variety of  toys from Tiny Tears to Transformers in a miniaturized wonderland produced by Passion Pictures.  Brian oversaw the daily running of the performers as well as performing post lip sync for the monkey suit abd providing voices for many of the characters.

To see the ad click HERE and for an insight into how the commercial was made click HERE.

foxy2During the summer of 2012 Brian was contacted by Millennium FX to work on the new Foxy Bingo campaign produced by Biscuit. Brian performed animatronics for Foxy’s head with Dave Chapman while Paul Casey gave Foxy his moves.  These ads will run throughout 2013.  Click HERE.

D Love1Millennium FX were also the creators of D Love.  The Digital Radio soul brother from the BBC’s ongoing campaign. Brian performed  animatronics to track with a four man team to bring this little fellow to life.  To watch D Love’s adventures click HERE.

In early 2015 Brian shot the Smart Finger campaign for  These ads will run throughout the year.  You can see the first one HERE.

IMG_1074The 3 Mobile ‘Make It Right’ campaign began in the spring of 2015.  Jackson, a purple character in the style of the classic Muppets is the new face of the 3 Mobile network.  His relentless enthusiasm and charm lent fun to some extremely uncomfortable situations.  Brian was part of the three man performance team.  You can see the original ad HERE.