dsc9062-printFilm, theatre and TV puppeteer, Brian began his career in 1989 after growing up in and around theatre.  After working as an actor, stand-up comedian and stage manager, he joined ITV’s Spitting Image as an assistant puppeteer.  From there he was fortunate to train ‘on the job’  and work with some of the UK’s best puppeteers.

He joined the world famous Jim Henson company in 1999 and was a principal performer on all of their UK TV productions until they closed their English production arm.

Throughout his career in television and film Brian has also been active in the theatre, writing and directing numerous pantomimes and children’s shows, as well as performing, teaching and consulting.

With the arrival of computer animation and CGI, using digital motion-capture systems, Brian has workedIMG_1417 to develop new types of virtual puppetry and keep performers at the heart of performing.

Since 1992 his combination of forward thinking, a keen interest in the industry, good humour and enthusiasm has helped Brian stay one of the UK’s busiest puppeteers.

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